10 Simple SEO Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Yoast Plugin



The SEO tips are like the ingredients in the kitchen: the more the better know and know how to use, your dishes will be tastier.

Surely you use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize the positioning of your posts. Well, beyond the configurations and options that this plugin allows, there are some SEO tips that will come your way to further improve your positions in the search results.

Do you want to know what SEO tips I mean?

Keep reading, because we dedicate this article to reveal them. You will discover 10 simple tricks that you can apply from today.

The best SEO tips to improve your web positioning

We enter fully into the tips. You’ll see how conquering Google is not as complicated as you think.

Length of articles and pages

Your posts and your pages must have more than 300 words if you do not want Google to ignore you or even penalize you for publishing poor content.

Not that there is an ideal number of words, but it is proven that the search engine prefers long texts.

It has logic.

If Google rewards quality content and the value provided to readers, it is to be assumed that a 1500 word text offers deeper and more detailed information than a 250-word text.

In fact, if you want to explain a topic well, doing it with less than 1000 words is complicated. So do not be afraid to hit the keys and enrich your texts as much as possible.

This does not mean that you have to fill in lines without rhyme or reason. The important thing is to provide value, so prioritize quality over quantity.

Select your keywords

Keywords matter. And a lot.

For this reason, it is advisable that before sitting at the keyboard, you dedicate enough time to search, identify and select the best keywords for your content.

Remember that keywords are not just isolated words, but full sentences can act as keywords.

As a tip, when choosing your keywords, remember these 3 things:

  1. Define your mission: think about what your website is about, what makes it special and what your promise as a brand is.
  2. Make a list of keywords: once you have identified your mission, think about your specific niche and your unique value proposition.
  3. Build good pages: create incredible pages for the content on which you will try to position your keywords.

Keywords long tail and less competition

When you’re doing your keyword map, instead of attacking the most competitive and that everyone chases, bet on other less frequent, more specific and attract more qualified visitors.

These are the long tail keywords. For example, instead of “web design”, try “web design personal development” (or the sector in which you want to specialize).

It is easier to rank long-tail keywords and receive visitors who are really interested in the content, so it will be easier to increase your conversions.

Remember that the amount of traffic is not as important as the quality of the visits

Do not fall for keyword stuffing

One of the most repeated SEO tips is that your main keyword should appear in the text a certain number of times.

It’s true but to a certain extent.

Although Google robots are important and you should write thinking about them, your main objective should be your readers.

Therefore, give priority to the naturalness of the writing and do not put the keywords with shoehorn in the text.

In addition, the Google algorithm is increasingly sophisticated and is able to identify synonyms, so enrich your texts with lexical variety.

Forget the strategy from time to time

Have you given me a heat shock and have I gone crazy?

No. 🙂

Having a business strategy is fundamental, of course, as is planning a content strategy .

But do not obsess.

It is good that from time to time you publish articles that do not have to do directly with your business or with the editorial line of your topic.

Sharing more personal information or leaving aside the editorial line of your subject can be even beneficial because you break with the routine and your readers will not get bored of reading the same type of content.

Fresh content

The wheel is already invented.

I mean with this that it is difficult to write about something that nobody, absolutely nobody, has already written something about.

But nothing happens. You can treat a topic from a new perspective, with a completely different tone or by relating concepts in an original way.

The freshness in the content will be something both Google robots and your readers will appreciate.

Limit categories and labels

Every time you write an article you add a new category to the blog or create a new label?

Badly done.

Ensure that the maximum number of categories does not exceed 8-10. And make sure that each label includes at least 2 articles.

Link to related content

Help Google understand the structure of your website by linking your content with each other through internal links.

In addition, it is an extraordinary way to enrich the reading, because your readers will be able to deepen in other aspects treated in other posts.

Take care of the quality of the fund and the way

You already know that adding value is the first factor to gain audience, visits and faithful readers to your blog. But it does not only matter what you say but also how you show it.

A well-written text, with a careful structure and good spelling, will be a point in your favor.

Surely as a reader, you have spent countless times: you come to a web whose topic interests you, but it is almost impossible to finish reading the content because of the poor quality of the writing or the terrible organization of information and the exposure of ideas.

It is a pity.

I assure you that a worked and pampered text increases the permanence on the page (and reduces the dreaded bounce rate ).

Think mobile

Having a website adapted to mobile devices is something basic at this point in life. However, it is surprising the number of pages that still have to be seen on the mobile phone.

In addition to hindering navigation and access to relevant information, a non-responsive website makes reading difficult.

Taking into account this and that for Google this factor is crucial to show (or not) in the results of the mobile search, you know that you have to pay special attention to the usability in smartphones.

And beware, losing positioning is relatively simple, but recovering from the fall can cost you a lot.

That’s why using a responsive theme is one of the best SEO tips I can give you.

As you can see, if you apply these simple SEO tips in your blog, you will improve your positioning without having to leave your skin in tactics and complex strategies.


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