Bluetooth Hearing Aids Could Cause Tumors, Study Reveals


The Bluetooth headphones have gained popularity not only for the convenience of not having a cable that is entangled, but because they have become an intelligent device with technology that makes your life easier. However, this same technology could be responsible for causing cancer or tumors, according to scientists.

Jerry Phillips, professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado , expressed concern about the effect of these devices (in this case referring to the AirPods, although it did not exclude others of the same type), because when placed in the ear canal, they expose tissues in the head at relatively high levels of radiofrequency radiation. According to the researcher, some potential risks would be tumors and other conditions associated with the abnormal functioning of the cells .

But this is not limited to hearing aids, according to the professor, scientific evidence raises concerns for human health and the development of technologies that operate on radio frequencies. In fact, 250 researchers, including Phillips, opened a petition to the United Nations (UN), to urge the World Health Organization (WHO) to pay more attention to the issue and create more protective guidelines regarding the non-ionizing electromagnetic field.

In the petition, the scientists reveal a serious concern about the health effects of this electromagnetic field, the type of radiation emitted by wireless devices (including those handled by Bluetooth, in addition to cellular and wireless phones, WiFi, transmission antennas, including baby monitors, among others), based on scientific publications that have shown the damage of this field at levels below international guidelines for living organisms, which include increased risk of cancer, cell stress, genetic damage, structural changes and functional of the reproductive system, among others.

However, this position has another opposite, because the professor of bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Kenneth Foster, who has also studied the effects of radiation on human health, points out that the WHO and other public health organizations have not found clear evidence of the dangers in exposure levels below international limits.

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Although the effects of this radiation are not yet conclusive, it is best to avoid exposing yourself to high doses and using these devices in a moderate way, since their damage is not limited to that caused at the level of the brain cells, the best known is the ear.

It is known that the constant use of hearing aids, especially at a high volume, can cause gradual and irreparable hearing damage that in the long term could lead to hearing loss. In this regard, the WHO recommends keeping the volume of personal audio devices low, as well as limiting their time to less than one hour a day to protect hearing.

If you begin to feel discomfort, either from a decrease in your hearing or constant headaches, it is best to reduce its use and consult your doctor.


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